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IT Matters!

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IT Matters!

If you are like me, you may find yourself stuck sometimes. We get stuck in ruts, doing what seem to be non-impactful tasks over and over again. We can find ourselves stuck in results, not seeing the tangible results we expect or the results that are needed in order to succeed. We may even begin to wonder if all the time we spend at practice, away from our family, doing the work, really matters in the end.

This very question, “does it really matter” was the first significant question asked in the Bible. Satan asked Adam and Eve, not in the exact words, “does it really matter whether or not you do what God said you shouldn’t do?” As we know, it did really matter, as the consequences for their decision were grave.

I want to encourage you today, whether you are a coach, a player, a parent or a worker, if you are leading than your leadership matters. Let me provide you with 3 ways everyone’s leadership matters:

  • Holiness Matters. Holiness is a spiritual word and depending on your faith story maybe not a word you have heard often or even can see the significance of its application to your leadership, so let me shed some light. Holiness, by definition, means unique, set apart, different. Our unique leadership matters in today’s world, especially when leading young people. For example, as a coach our players should see a unique leadership that is different than many of the leaders they may encounter throughout their life. How we communicate, how we make decisions, the priorities we set all should be very unique and have a holiness to them in regards to God’s direction.
  • Intimacy Matters. Intimacy is a word that really has been stripped of its significance by its association with weakness. Intimacy is actually a very strong word, I would argue it takes more strength to be intimate than not. Intimacy is the closeness of sharing life together. Our intimacy with Christ is shared in our knowledge of his unconditional love for us and our awareness of the price he paid for our eternity. Great teams are teams made up of leaders who understand that sharing life with one another (intimacy) matters for the greater cause. Team leaders should know one another’s struggles, gifts and fears and use these moments to draw closer together just as God uses these to draw us closer to Himself.
  • Purity Matters. Purity is another word that has been put into a box associated with only sexual thoughts and relationships. Purity is much more than this. Purity is actually a cleansing. In countries where the water is undrinkable the goal becomes to remove the impurities and make the water pure for drinking. Purity is the absence of impurity. The greatest example is what the blood of Christ signifies, his blood is pure, this pure blood was shed over our impure sin’s. This gracious act has now allowed us to live pure lives. Now we don’t and we fall short, but our relationship with Christ covers the impurity ever time. Purity in our leadership matters. As parents we must lead our homes with purity in our boundaries, our deeds and our decisions. Teaching our kids that purity in how we treat others, how we think and how we act really does matter.

I hope you are now encouraged in knowing that all you doing to lead transformation, it really does matter. Great leader don’t waste time they make the best use of time to do the things that matter and focus on the process. Thank you for leading, loving and leaning into the things that really matter.

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