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Qualities of a CEO Coaching Leader

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Qualities of a CEO Coaching Leader

Qualities of a CEO Coaching Leader

As coaches we all carry many heavy burdens. Our level of responsibility can vary depending on our level of experience, our school, the number of student athletes or any other number of factors. Many of us see ourselves as CEO’s of our organization, where many decisions and responsibilities stop with us. However, truth be told, all coaches can be CEO type leaders. A CEO Leader makes the decision to lead at a higher level, with a faster pace and a design on greater impact. I wanted to talk some time to engage and equip coaches on what an effective CEO Coaching Leader might just look like. I have found that most CEO’s implement the following 4 activities into their leadership:

1. Be Decisive

  • CEO’s don’t have to wait for all of the information before they make a decision.
  • CEO’s don’t linger with decisions because of fear, they make decisions because it’s the courageous action to take.

2. Engage for Impact

  • CEO’s understand everyone’s needs and motivations.
  • CEO’s exude visible confidence.CEO’s are willing to engage in conflict for the betterment of goals and vision.

3. Adapt Proactively 

  • CEO’s are able to deal with situations that are not in the “playbook”.
  • CEO’s spend 50% of their time thinking long-term.
  • CEO’s sense change earlier and are prepared earlier to have a strategic plan.
  • CEO’s see setbacks as an opportunity to grow.

4. Deliver Reliability

  • CEO’s are steady and predictable.
  • CEO’s consistently follow through on commitments.
  • CEO’s set realistic expectations upfront.
  • CEO’s analyze where we are and set clear expectations for moving forward.

So, regardless of your level of experience or responsibilities, if you are leader you can lead at a CEO level. Someone said “Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.” Take the time to implement these qualities into your leadership so that you can be a leader others want to follow.


Dr. Greg Steely

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