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When things get tough as a coaching leader, what do you consider?

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When things get tough as a coaching leader, what do you consider?

What Do You Consider in Your Leadership?

No one will dispute the fact that coaching leaders have a lot of responsibilities. We are called to lead our homes, families, other people’s children, careers and communities. This calling brings with it a responsibility to be leaders of integrity, perseverance and results. As a result we can become overwhelmed by life. It is important that we take time out to do a self-inventory of where we are in our leadership. One of the greatest books in the Bible focused on leadership are 1st and 2nd Samuel.

Take time to think about these questions in your own life and look over 1 Samuel 12 for some encouragement in your coaching leadership.

  • In what areas of your life do you feel empty? Have you found yourself trying to fill these areas of emptiness with earthly things like money, success, and etc.? What are the ramifications of this type of filling?
  • Which circumstances in your life have become overwhelming at the moment? How are you currently dealing with them? Do you find yourself going backwards, away from the progress God has brought you through, towards a past life you know and are comfortable with? What are the dangers of this backward movement?
  • In your times of frustration, loss, anger or despair what is it that you consider? Do you have a tendency to always consider your current state of being or circumstances or do you focus on what God has done for you? Why is it important, as 1 Samuel 12:24 says, for us to consider the GREAT things God has done for us? What are some of the great things God has done in your life?
  • Here is a question for you to consider, if your current circumstances never change could you still be happy? I know many of us would say no, if nothing changed I would be miserable. This is the same attitude the Israelites had when Samuel addressed them. His response is the same for us as it was for them all those years ago, “where do you find happiness?” Do you find happiness in circumstances or in the Savior? Our response to this question says a lot about our ability to survive and conquer. What do you need to do now in order to change your focus from your circumstances to your Savior?

As coaching leaders we are called to not only lead our homes, families, businesses, and communities but called to lead through the difficult times. We are called to be “faithful” to the God who provides us with a savior and a heavenly reward. Never ever forget to “consider” this during your times of struggle as a man

You’re doing great! Keep peeling back the onion and exposing your heart to God’s grace, healing and leadership.

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1 AssignmentEmpire - Sat, November 3, 2018 @ 8:10 AM

Just to put all of us in agreement, how about we make the refinement coaching and training right up front. Basically, preparing is tied in with exchanging information while coaching is tied in with improving learning or abilities advancement, as it were.

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